Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bedroom Fever

Well, for the past couple of weeks i've been cooped up in our guest bedroom trying to make some music..and playing Borderlands2..

My two friends from the east came to visit the last month. Below is an epic video i made featuring the two of them...well more of a brief documentation..

They had to cut their trip short due to unavoidable reasons... guess they were getting cabin fever of some sort..well in our case bedroom fever.. so they begged me to set them free.. { i locked them in most of the time and fed them with the kind of supplements only used by the U.S. army back during their days in Vietnam }

Anyways ... as for me i'm pretty much addicted to Borderlands 2 but hopefully some coherent music should be up on this blog sometime soon..or maybe tips on how to play Borderlands 2..

my new PC.. AMD based setup and i'm pretty happy with it..


  1. My friends here are crazy about Borderlands too. Must try playing it one of these days, even though I'm not into FPS.

  2. Do Play!!! Gearbox - the developers call it a "Role Playing Shooter" :) ... and i agree..