Friday, February 27, 2009

Re-Unions ......New unions...

After reading news bits here and there regarding possible chances of a Faith No More reunion, i finally got to read about the reunion becoming a reality......without guitarist Jim Martin 1983-93....handling guitar duties will be Jon Hudson, who played on the 1997 album - "Album of the Year"....
[Learnt about this on

Next stop--Mr.Big!!!! ...learnt about them "reuniting" through the diary of the one and only Ross Halfin [photographer/diarist/humanitarian]...and i quickly got a confirmation with a quick google search on other sites... This Mr.Big reunion will feature the original line up!!!....hope these guys put out a new album...

And last but not the least...the "new-union"...a band called ChickenFoot..
A super-group if one can call it that..featuring Sammy Hagar on vocals, Joe Satriani on guitar, Chad Smith on drums and Michael Anthony on bass guitar....their MySpace page has just a 54 seconds "teaser" at this moment....but their logo is nice :-) : not click on the logo...don't..don;t..

The reason behind the re-unions?? or just to have a good time with old bandmates + make money??...don't know myself..maybe i will after forming a great or not so great multi-platinum/multi-award winning band and then breakup the band...


  1. Hey I heard even Beatles are going to reunite soon! Wooohooo!

  2. well don't know how soon....but they will...dont't know whether it will be in heaven or hell....but im assuming they will reunite in the latter location...2 are already there.... :-)