Friday, January 4, 2013


Twenty Thirteen....
don't know where i'm going
and i guess i don't know where i've been..
cant' quite remember the song .. lyrics are from.. but in my head i hear Ozzy singing them lines.
So.. 2013 already.. resolutions? in no particular order here's my 13:

  1. post regularly again here on this blog -{by my standards at least once a month}
  2. sleep properly --{6 hours quality comatose like state}
  3. wake up early --- {Rob Zombie wakes up round 5:00am everyday..while on tour 7:00am - guitarist John5 can affirm}
  4. improve my guitar playing {as in learn more chords-- trying to write songs with my three chord knowledge ain't much fun unless one's aiming for nursery rhymes}
  5. improve eating habits---{as in not skipping breakfast}
  6. use as much freeware as possible on my personal computer --{don't want to be standing at the gates of  heaven only to be sent down to hell for excessive use of pirated software}
  7. learn how to play piano --{or at least help my daughter in this endeavour}
  8. earn a lot of money this year to buy all the software that i love
  9. improve my drawing skills
  10. perform with my band at a venue which will offer us unlimited quality beer
  11. form a band
  12. join a band
  13. play more computer games --{ well i just got myself a new high endish machine so there} 
Anways i've strayed away from my initial thoughts for this post.. threesome.. i guess a three piece band is all you need if you've got the skills and chemistry..

Lately have been listening to a lot of Rush after i  re-watched  a documentary -  Rush Beyond The Lighted Stage (2010) the whole film is actually up on Youtube now.. subjective but i'd say without hesitation the best three piece band still playing today..genre no bar..Amazing musicians!!

A week ago watched a John Mayer concert film Where The Light Is (2007). mid segment featured the trio - Mayer himself with Steve Jordan (drums, backing vocals) and Pino Palladino (bass)..great set it was.. i know it's old now.. but i'd never seen it before - and John Mayer in his three personalities .... he opened for himself on acoustic guitar... mid set - the trio and final act with his normal band..

Hopefully in three days, two of my musician friends from east India will set foot at my place in my bid to get us in writing a song or two and get a hit like Psy with his Gangnam Style..

Shall end this post with a John5 flamenco inspired tune.. beautiful it is..

just so you know the music video also has a 3D version..