Sunday, August 8, 2010

Independent Indians

Independence Day {India} coming up next week so i'm feeling patriotic and thought i should write a scholarly post on how we got our independence from the British. Since i was an out-standing student i reckon me won't be able to write much on this subject. I guess even a Shashi Tharoor tweet on the subject might be more enlightening.. maybe.

Anways to the point.. hello mic testing.. i proudly present promote .....INDIEAN Vol. 1. A compilation album from featuring indie bands in India. At this moment, writing this post..the download link for this bilkul FREE album does not i shall update later or you can keep yourself posted by visiting the IRMP3 site.

and below is a little infographic i made just to show the bands featured in Vol 1 of Indiean...

Click here to view a larger image 

So dear attention!!!
As you can see in the map we have a band named Demonic Resurrection from Mumbai and promising young band from up north called IAFWAY
[I am fake who are you?]. Judge them not from their names for they are all very good bands.

Hopefully Indiean Vol. 2 will  feature more bands from the east and north-eastern parts of our country. I personally have been guaranteed a slot in upcoming albums starting from volume 1½ ...or maybe from volume 555..depending on when i start to write some listen-able music.

Enough of my nonsense...heres the Track Listing:
01 Erase- Dark Horizon
02 – F.O.P.S. – The Circus
03 The Tribe -Lucid Recess -
04 Field of Thought – Blakc
05 Order of the D.N.A – Kryptos
06 Vanquish – Sledge
07 – The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance – Demonic Resurrection
08 Battle Cry – Devoid
09 – Engravings – IAFWAY
10 Temple Of Zeus – Artillerie
11 DemonPra – Scribe
+ Surprise Bonus Track
Here's a little info from the folks at IRMP3 about the making of this album
Two years ago when we first started this website we were pretty much clueless about the direction we were heading. Our only aim was to gather all the ‘legal’ download links in one place and provide platform for Indian acts and  fans
450,000 hits later we look back at these two marvelous years and take great pride in being an integral part of Indie India over the Internet. And this is our token of appreciation for all you ‘Indieans’ who have supported us in promoting Indian bands , IRMP3 will release its first FREE digital Compilation album comprising of  11 bands that were featured as ‘Artist of the Month’ on the site.

जिंदाबाद इंडियन रोक MP3 डोट कॉम   !!!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mind your language

So i was walking home drunk the other day and i decided to take a different route to avoid known faces and i came across this sign board. Felt as if it had been put up just for me... okay well i wasn't drunk.. i never drink and walk.

Anyways this evening i took a snapshot of it.. so that i'll print it out and put it up on my own front door... only problem is that im the one who's waking up the neighbours at night with my loud singing + "music"...

few nights back a group of men from the mosque next door told me to shut the folk up..Yes i really do live wall to wall next to a mosque.

So after promising to keep my volume down i was in no mood to be a nuisance and get kicked out from my neighbourhood. Well the next best thing was to watch some new stuff i'd got from a friend recently.

Yes, the whole 1st season of  good old Mind Your Language. Enjoyed it a lot. Loads of laughs... one of my favourite bits..

Jeremy Browns [the English teacher] asks Max [the Greek student] a question..
"Explain to me.. what is the meaning of syntax?" 

to which Max answers not very confidently..
"The tax you pay when you go to the church[?]"

Definitely gonna get the whole series..seems it ended because "many people" found it racist... checking into some fan sites and comments on the imbd message boards.. majority of the people actually love[d] the series. Anyways folks ..i shall end with this lovely Bushism..
"We've got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood."
~ George W. Bush {Kranj, Slovenia, June 10, 2008} ~ 
ok just one more {D.C., June 27, 2006}.....
"We shouldn't fear a world that is more interacted."

Bushisms source: