Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Hear

Long time no post.. In the recent past have been downloading some videos from YouTube.. which i want to show to my daughter when she's a little older..

Thing is.. lately she's been picking up a lot of not so great Bollywood songs... Source: School Van.. the driver plays them loud and clear.. naturally the kids sing along.. Dabang Dabang?  Chamkak Chalo? and other songs with awesome lyrics and heavily programmed music...

So hoping that one day seeing and hearing real talented musicians will help my daughter in developing a better taste.. .. Hear a couple of videos... mostly featuring female musicians in i hope it inspires my daughter more..

First up is Bat for Lashes... already have an album of hers from a couple of years back and here's a video of her performing live with a fellow musician... you don't want to miss this one..

Next up the really awesome  {without sarcasm} duo... Pomplamoose ...  multi-instrumentalists they are.. them sing and play..

Last but not the least.. Imogen Heap... she's solo here but i remember this song
from her Frou Frou album with Guy Sigsworth...and i prefer the album version..
Here in India if you do watch T.V. programmes and Star World in particular.. you'd have seen her performing with the now really fat Vishal Dadlani {of Pentagram fame} in a programme called the The Dewarists

Assuming Vishal Dadlani is real fat cause he's made it big in Bollywood as a music composer / producer.. If you know a little bit of the Indian English music scene you'll know who he is..or rather vocalist in the band Pentagram....

Since i've come to  Indian English music scene .. or whatever you want to call it.. do download Indiean  Vol. II .. it's free.. Click Here..
 i'd blogged about Vol. I last year but this year was asleep on release date..

Since i've also mentioned Bollywood i have to admit that i really enjoyed watching Shaitan. Hearing this woman -Suman Shridhar sing Khoya Khoya Chand led me to watching the film.. If  the late Amy Winehouse sang in Hindi i'd imagine she'd sound like this.. the song is actually a remix of an old Hindi classic... Hear it is..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Perceiving beauty in spaces & species

Perceiving beautyOn the WallGiant MillipedeIn search of preyPisces
Black beautyThe more the merrierLight LizardSpider on web

Perceiving beauty in spaces & species, a set on Flickr.

Perceiving beauty.....
Seether inspired titled up there... loved their album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces and came up with the title above..

Another reason for this post is to test Flickr' sharing feature on Blogger..

If for any reason you like / need / want the photos you see please feel free to ask for high resolution copies.. free to use ..Creative Commons license..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Blog

Back into Blogger after a long time... Had somethings in mind to write down but hey this new back-end User interface has totally taken me by surprise!!! Knew Google was doing some face-lifts to it's UI all around but didnt' expect this much  in the new Blogger. Anyways guess it's all for good.... like the changes that i've been through in the recent past..

Since my last post, a lot has happened.. in no particular order...
  • Bin Laden was offed 
  • i got lost in the city of Bombay 
  • Man Utd. lost again to Barca in the Champions League final 
  • massive earthquake / tsunami in Japan  
  • got a chance to sing / scream my lungs out at Someplace Else.... 
and so much more significant happenings and insignificant things have taken place..
Well, i didnt get lost in BOMBay but my folks did believe so..but i'll leave this for another post..

The city of Kolkata and it's people were good to me but now Nagpur is already doing it's best to to keep me rooted here or should i say.. i'm doing everything i can to get the best out of this new place im living in..Well, 15th August ...already 12:00 AM as i write these hey gotta get some shut eye ...up early morrow morning and try to be in a patriotic mood....

Until my next post, will end with an image....taken in my new habitat... baby millipedes

and heres 2 short clips of  them in motion...

below with a soundtrack.. using YouTube's audioswap....+2 Charisma ~ Milligram

Friday, February 18, 2011


sojourner: noun - a temporary resident {A sojourner is a person who resides temporarily in a place.}
1 Chronicles 29:15For we [are] strangers before thee, and sojourners, as [were] all our fathers: our days on the earth [are] as a shadow, and [there is] none abiding.

A sojourner i am. We all are. Aren't we? Who wants to live forever? .... Well before i begin to sound too serious and start writing about life after death or repeat the word sojourner a hundred times...let me talk about food.

So it happens that because of certain circumstances which have presented themselves in such a manner that things couldn't be otherwise soon i'll be leaving the city of Kolkata...Ta-ta to Kolkata - the city in which i've enjoyed, relished and eaten many fish of different varieties.

If i were to make an abridged visual representing  the major places i've lived in it would be as follows..

Porky Pig

Now if all pigs looked and behaved like Porky Pig and all the fish like little Nemo i'd never eat them.. Back in Mizoram the numero uno dish i guess is still pork.. and in West Bengal it's fish.

Am now moving to a place know for it's oranges.

How boring.

Anyways a sojourner i am so i shall  move on and eat see what's in store for me. Just as i was getting really comfortable living in the city of Kolkata devouring fishes ... them oranges come calling to me. During my earlier days we shifted around a couple of times .. it was in/around Aizawl so at least the pork was always there. Oh well three years i'd spent in Bengaluru .. Hmmm what is the no.1 dish down there? Wasn't really into the local food tasting scene then....

Image source:

Porky Pig : {Picture of the famous Looney Tunes character, Porky Pig.}

No pigs or fishes were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So, today is...was Valentine's day. My wife ain't with me but  took today as an excuse to indulge my sweet tooths with some choclaty chocolates after dinner. So tasty.. too good to share???... oh well i'd have
enjoyed it even more if i'd shared them chocos with my daughter.

Anyways i dont have anything interesting to post except share this new Foo Fighters song + video
that i absoeffinlutely am in love with....eagerly waiting for their new album!!!

and also this Lovely Rooney goal from last Saturday' football match....
 the very in-form Nani who has been great this season..made the Lovely check out
the lovely gif image below...

All you need is Love

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


is a

republic is a state under a form of government in which the people, or some 
significant portion of them, retain supreme control over the government. 

and i have nothing more to say..oh wait.. match last night Manchester United coming 
back from two goals down to win the match 3-2. i post some stuff with which im engaged with..

~ see ~
After ages i held a fountain pen today with the nib tip modified to write this..

{ pen + paper + photoshop }


~ Listen ~
A track by Psychecode. As of now only the instruments recorded + programmed by 
my "band mate" Eric Dillen...for which i shall lay vocals over sometime in the future if alive and well.

< the end >

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry New Year

Dont know if it's the water i've been drinking lately but i have strong dislike to the Merry Christmas greeting....Happy Christmas sounds more like it it. It's Jesus' birthday.. so happy birthday .. happy Christmas... So anyways Merry New Year to all ye who have landed on this blog....don't know why but i associate merry making with drinking..Santa Flaws would agree..No, we're not suggesting drinking all year through...

My daughter is afraid of Santa Claus though. True. Because of this she' has missed getting gifts a few times on get togethers where at the end of the programmes a man dressed as Santa Claus comes around and hands over some things to children...Her first introduction to Santa was when she was given a Santa Clause doll when she was around a year old. Bad toy character design i guess.

My mother also is not a big fan of  X-Mas greeting cards with Santa Claus related imagery. She prefers ones with the Nativity scenes. I hated distributing cards around our locality when i was a kid cause my mother dedicatedly sent out cards to almost the whole locality wherever we lived...

Enough of my anti-Claus message. It's 1.1.11 and just felt the need to post something on this date.
Merry New Year!!!