Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Blog

Back into Blogger after a long time... Had somethings in mind to write down but hey this new back-end User interface has totally taken me by surprise!!! Knew Google was doing some face-lifts to it's UI all around but didnt' expect this much  in the new Blogger. Anyways guess it's all for good.... like the changes that i've been through in the recent past..

Since my last post, a lot has happened.. in no particular order...
  • Bin Laden was offed 
  • i got lost in the city of Bombay 
  • Man Utd. lost again to Barca in the Champions League final 
  • massive earthquake / tsunami in Japan  
  • got a chance to sing / scream my lungs out at Someplace Else.... 
and so much more significant happenings and insignificant things have taken place..
Well, i didnt get lost in BOMBay but my folks did believe so..but i'll leave this for another post..

The city of Kolkata and it's people were good to me but now Nagpur is already doing it's best to to keep me rooted here or should i say.. i'm doing everything i can to get the best out of this new place im living in..Well, 15th August ...already 12:00 AM as i write these hey gotta get some shut eye ...up early morrow morning and try to be in a patriotic mood....

Until my next post, will end with an image....taken in my new habitat... baby millipedes

and heres 2 short clips of  them in motion...

below with a soundtrack.. using YouTube's audioswap....+2 Charisma ~ Milligram


  1. Abi pa, i thlalak ami chu kang ro ila a tui dawn khi:-) Khaw thar lam thlalak pawh hmuh avan chakawm ve.

  2. i got lost in the city of Bombay

    HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Please I beg you sir, to tell your blog visitors more about this particular incident!!! Or can I do the honors?


  3. Ui khitiang pangang pawh keini pawh tun season re re ah chuan park ah hian an rawn tam tawp zel, park kal ka tih phah ka ten uchuak bawn tawp. Ka thau ah min min. Thlalak picture emaw en dawn tiin phur tawkin ka rawn click lut vel a lol

    Mumbai a bo thu chu detail a hriat a chakawm e!

  4. Uiha..ava mak nuai2 vele...rap deuh2 an tam viau ang a....

  5. @ Seki.. ka rawn la post ang.. kan ro lo deuh "recipe" tha deuh i hriat ka ring tlat :-)

    @Mizohican... i shall tell the tale in full detail soon :-).. Lost in Bombay featuring the Sandman.

    @Jerusha...Sekibuhchhuak in siamdan recipe min rawn thawn hunah ka lo post ang.. park kal hunah i ei dawn nia..

    @marvinic...welcome...nia an che lai khi chu rapawm ve tep..