Links for your Soul

Some links i'd like to share.. that at least the unfortunate soul who has landed on this blog of mine won't curse her/him-self for the time wasted in here.. and will depart with at least some much more useful things links...

{ yet to prove if they will have any effect on your soul } 
I shall add more links as i travel across the world {wide web}.. These links will be mainly to those websites that i visit more or less regularly {which i think are worth sharing}.... or to those sites which i believe will be of benefit for the soul...{you may or may not view these sites while taking chickensoup}


Project Gutenberg - Let the good old gif image do the talking about  this site. I personally have enjoyed reading Return of Tarzan, The Wind in the Willows and a few other great works over here. Click here to visit


Sometimes i vist this site to get answers for some questions that i have - if which go unanswered would drive me insane.Visit the WolframAlpha site.


Admit that i don't visit this site on a regular basis.. i used to at one period of time. Want to know the news behind the news? Just enter Okay it's not exactly world news in here but it's got CIA secrets... your life could be in danger once they know you visit this site.. don't say i didn't warn you..


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