Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer Slumber

Summer's here.. i say. What did i eat last summer?.. the most? all these past summers... my favourite fruit[vegetable??] = watermelons. Below in the photo is our local Melon Man... in slumber. I've got him on speed dial.

Melon Man

...and below is a photo of a man who also lives in my neighbourhood. Agonizingly thin.. asleep... with his daily piece of bread beside him. 70% chance that he is a junkie. Never seen him begging for money though.

Slumber Contortionist

...meanwhile tight race in the English Premier League..who is going to win?
I was with the congregation last night..up league with the devils. I'm feeling sleepy now. No, i did not fall asleep in church this morning. Going to sleep now...hopefully i'll dream about meeting Burn the Priest backstage and getting to interview them. They are coming to our country soon....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

XXX Rated Comic - Adults Only

the Last time i made a comic was a century a ago by internet standards..
....anyways heres one again....please dont judge this comic... :-P



Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Audacity to Create and Share..Freely

How should i start this post?...well let me try to put in some useful information first....

If you've already not heard about have a  dekho. A really good file sharing site. As in my previous post, ive embedded audio files in this post..all of which i've uploaded into my 4shared account.. and since they happen to be audio files.. voila! i get to share them using the useful audio player widget or as normal direct links... The free account has limitations..and theres always a premium account you can upgrade to if needed..

Next up is
Audacity - a FREE program written by a team of volunteer developers around the world.'  Free like the books you get in like free beer. You are free to use, distribute...and help in developing it if you've got the skills..

Used for? ..recording + editing/mixing audio. Supports multiple tracks. etc etc..pretty, beautiful free software. It has it's limitations and you probably wouldnt want to use it if you've got a more efficient 'pro' software for such needs.. but do give it a try.. it's not like telling you to uninstall your pirated copy of Windows and requesting one to use a Linux OS...

Alright 2nd chapter of the post... 

songs from Abigail's Algorhythm......

First up is one i wrote after i broke up with my 13th girlfriend. She could play guitar so much better than i could... me just couldnt' takes it no more.  Served here with extra cheese[y] lyrics.. 

Okay last but not the least.. by the powers of this Creative Commons License Creative Commons License i present a song i've titled 'Fill the Screen' ...originally titled 'HAND OF GOD'...adapted from HERE. [im sure it's got nothing to do with Maradona's  'h.o.g']....

.. my adaption is truly a very good example of how to adapt someones work and screw it up but anyways... please do give it a listen.. i'm also giving this a special genre.. "experimental acoustical alternative pop grunge" .. :-)

 ...this particular Transcend model is the source for my Lo-Fi recordings...

if you do care to give the songs a listen ..using earphones highly recommended..& do keep the volume settings on the higher side.... you just might miss out the finer details of my Ear-aching ground breaking audio production touches in there...

 Download for laughs.. [mp3 format]

> Overlies  > Fill the Screen