Sunday, November 22, 2009

THE END - that never comes?

How many times has one heard that the world will end during our lifetime? The year 2000 was a strong contender in the recent past but this prediction turned out to be a flop just like Governor Arnold’s film – ‘End of Days’ which was released year end of 1999 if I’m not mistaken.
Now, the hot new date to watch out for is 12.21.2012 according to the Mayan calendar and several other ‘calendars’ out somewhere taped onto a conspiracy theorist’s wall.

Okay, I just watched the film 2012 the other day so I’m in an apocalypticy mood :-). Maybe it’s because I’ve not been to a movie theatre in a long time + the super special fx that I enjoyed the film. So just go to a theatre near you and watch this film. No spoilers from me in case you have not seen or read about it. One of those movies best viewed on a big screen.

Anyways it seems only a couple of us from our office enjoyed the film. Yes, another thing. I guess I was kind of instrumental in generating the idea of going to watch the movie… so off we went. 90.2012% of our office members went to see the film.

So, highly recommended you try this at your workplace. Ideal conditions for this to happen… less workload + the magic words “The world might end tomorrow…[ add other words of your choice appropriate to what you’ve suggested to do…or maybe not do]”.

On a totally not serious note…. How would you want ‘the world to end’? Nuclear bombs? Tsunami + Meteor impacts? A ruthless new world order bringing chaos and destruction?...or an alien invasion. The whole of Earth fighting a war against unfriendly aliens with evil flying saucers from the planet Nibiru would be nice. Of course, here we lose against the aliens and we all die…and planet Earth gets blown up to kingdom come….unlike the film 2012 where the world does not totally end …..yet again.

Anyways I’ll near the end of this post with some lines I’d like to share from the Insight section of a book I was reading last night..‘Two potential dangers in reading Revelation are avoiding it entirely or getting obsessed with its details….’

Now I’m really gonna end. And I’m gonna reveal something. Remember you read it here on my blog called Learning to Live. You might well already know that Oprah Winfrey is ending her talk show in the near future. She’s coming up with her own channel in the year 2011. But why does she want to end her successfully running daytime show? Why? Why start her OWN channel in 2011??.... I say it's because something is going to happen in 2012!!! And something fishy is happening right now in the kitchen…..smells like fish. Food is ready!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ui Fawm from Mizoram..

Some photos i'd taken during my last vacation which ive "wallpaperized"
..nothing great but..just in case you'd like a
....UiFawm {prayingMantis} & a Hive..
from Mizoram to rest as your desktop wallpaper
... feel free to Download at will.

click on the above pic for a larger one...
click HERE for a wide-ish one..


click HERE for wide...