Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ui Fawm from Mizoram..

Some photos i'd taken during my last vacation which ive "wallpaperized"
..nothing great but..just in case you'd like a
....UiFawm {prayingMantis} & a Hive..
from Mizoram to rest as your desktop wallpaper
... feel free to Download at will.

click on the above pic for a larger one...
click HERE for a wide-ish one..


click HERE for wide...


  1. i'm a little wary of praying mantis after a stand-off we had when i was younger. nice wallpaperisation though!

  2. # feddabonn >> yes reminds me i think of my childhood days too... Bruce Lee learnt kung fu from a praying mantis etc...

    # codeAries >> Thanks!

  3. me likey, me download.

    koff. guess who taught kung fu to the praying mantis? (also known as tek ral :P)

    'ui fawm' somehow makes me picture an irate mantis foaming at the mouth :D

  4. I came, I saw, I downloaded!

  5. Very nice. lolz @ bruce lee learning kung fu from praying mantis. Those days. sigh.

  6. >># Peer Gynt
    Uifawm also known as tek ral?.... i'll have to call up someone to confirm this.. mizo tawng i lo va thiam em em..

    >># blackestred Welcome...

    >># illusionaire Thanks.. and since i've got the "go green" thing up there.. maybe if things dont turn out right.. the surviving insects will be cockroaches.. so kung fu masters of the future will be doing cockroach kungFu..

  7. Reminds me of an incident when Baruk was 14 and Pearly 9. A praying mantis had perched on their room wall and they came running to their dad for protection!

  8. # mesjay :D ha haaa well im gonna imagine that the Mantis was as big as a man... and that they were much more younger than 14 & 9..

    but i recall one story... it seems the first time my brother saw a tortoise in his life... scared; he ran away from it as fast as he could...

  9. It was me who taught Praying Mantis Kung-Fu....

  10. ^^ ... then all i can say is.. "Master! teach me KungFu!!" :D