Sunday, April 25, 2010

My numbskull thoughts..

  • I should have been featuring on Slash' new solo album [featuring friends]... even though im not his friend..
  • I'm going make my own Blind Dayze [and friends] album.. someday.
  • Hnama chiang... "Kan pi leh pute kha hnamah lo chiang viau se chuan.. Kristian ah an lo inlet duh miah lo ang" tihte ka lo ngaihtuah vel... 
  • The Indian band opening for Burn the Priest in B'lore? Hell... i had a dream where my band was co-headling with them..
  • My mother state should have a new time zone... and a new Chief Minister + new ruling party -  i vote for me... 
  • think i'm moonstruck[?]

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Rooting for Manchester United is a responsiblity i take up very religiously... missed church this morning but here i am again in the devil's den.. not a good result again this evening.

Now about roots ~ ancestry... A friend of mine who is far off in a distant land, away from the hills he calls home asked me if i could come up with some "artwork" which he could tattoo on his chest... he gave me a brief as to what he wanted.. and then i came up with something.. adding a little of my own input {cheesy line + the chem [Mizo 'machete'] }. After seeing it he didnt quite like it a 100%... so ..taking in new instructions i sent him something else...

anyways heres the first one i sent him...we did agree that it'd look cool on a t-shirt though...

As i was colouring in the feather i was reminded of Red Indians plus
something an acquaintance of mine told me. While she was in Singapore? some new Mizo students who'd arrived there crashed at her place.
On being asked by some locals out there of their origin, with all seriousness they told them that they were "Yellow Indians" :~)

[i guess they were trying to explain their "far east" features + their country = India situation.]

just for those interested... click HERE ...process i follow to create simple work as shown above.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pro Bono..I'll work for you

First off, a blessed Good Friday to all out there. A week an uncles' place..still half asleep just up from bed i looked at their calender, zoomed in on April... and remarked...[in Mizo] "Tun kum chu Good Friday zirtawpni a nih hi.." ..translation.. " this year, Good Friday is on friday.." :-P

On hearing my wise remark me uncles' wife says, "go jump off from the terrace and dont come to church again if you survive" ...okay she didnt really say it but i guess she said something more mild...and me didnt realise what was wrong with me insightful remark for a good long 53 seconds..

Wokay... enough of my unholy to Pro Bono...not about Bono from U2. Recently, working on an office project i used a small piece of code/plugin written by a good soul and made available for public commercial use.This helped me complete my job faster 40% faster.

Much inspired by the people who promote the 'spirit of pro bono'.. im *offering my services [ graphic / illustration / web design related ] for free.... and maybe i'll also write some super useful code.. but me thinks me left brains rotten now so slim chance for this....
*This offer stands only for the right requests + circumstances :-)

  • No, i wont design a website 'pro bono' for your fortune 500 company. For a proper approach go here
  •  No, i wont design a logo freely for your upcoming lottery company... 
  •  YES!!! i will help design a t-shirts to raise funds for your volunteer group which helps poor children go to music school.... etc..
my conditions getting too specific? but hope you get the drift.. lied. just did some work for a friend of mine freely and he aint no saint working for the less fortunate. He's starting a new venture with two of his buddies and i wish them [as Borat would say] "Great Success!!!" Click on the thumbnails to view my identity design samples for their upcoming company Orange Byte Studios.. they are based in Mumbai.

Well they haven't confirmed that they'll be using my design but i had fun doing the simple sample..I must admit this is a ' You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ' scenario this back scratching is really me expecting something in return... something valuable :-) free airline travel tickets + Burn the Priest concert tickets ..... me and my high hopes...

Anyways... to all who may land up on this web page reading this....Pro Bono work i offer to thee..or do spread the word to anybody appropriate.. [*conditions apply ]..and another shout out for Orange Byte Studios....they'll be concentrating mainly on sound related work...