Sunday, April 25, 2010

My numbskull thoughts..

  • I should have been featuring on Slash' new solo album [featuring friends]... even though im not his friend..
  • I'm going make my own Blind Dayze [and friends] album.. someday.
  • Hnama chiang... "Kan pi leh pute kha hnamah lo chiang viau se chuan.. Kristian ah an lo inlet duh miah lo ang" tihte ka lo ngaihtuah vel... 
  • The Indian band opening for Burn the Priest in B'lore? Hell... i had a dream where my band was co-headling with them..
  • My mother state should have a new time zone... and a new Chief Minister + new ruling party -  i vote for me... 
  • think i'm moonstruck[?]


  1. - disagree. i think you deserve to have your *own ...and friends.
    - as i said.
    - LMAO. damn right boy, damn right.
    - ...
    - ...
    - ah. that explains it.

  2. hmm. yep i think yo moonstruck.
    support pt #3.
    pt #5: yep i think yo moonstruck.

    ohh but can i feature on the 'and friends' album? if told in advance, i promise to learn how to play head-bang-worthy harmonica! :) or the banjo. or mandolin. or triangle? sighh. you don't hafta tell me. just not cut out for a heavy metal beaand. sorry janis. think i must be moonstruck too :S

  3. lolz... I have always stated that "Hnam chhantu hi chu Sakhua chhantu a ni theilo" because if you make a really deep study about it, they contradict vastly in so many fields. At one point we talk about Christianity and forgiveness and sin etc and that people who drink are sinners, and at the other hand we scream for blood when a fellow Mizo is killed or raped by a non-Mizo, and that those who don't feel this way are not Mizos etc.. We can either go the entire Christianity way or Mizo way. Have written a long article about this too, but haven't published it yet. :D

    You guys might find this blog highly interesting. I have been following it for a very long time now (though there hasn't been any update since June 2009), and the writer really makes sense. :)

  4. illusionaire thanks very much for the the above link.. as you've said very interesting. think the other folks above will find it a good read too.. and im very much in awe of your 'obscure' blog finding skills...

    Peer Gynt Triangle it is.

    feddabonn i'm smiling ear to ear...madly. i guess it's the summer heat thats messing up my brain.

  5. Whoaaa! this IS Very interesting!! goin back to read more..

  6. I. an tih leh hunah i tel ve tawh ngei ang :-D
    2, ka lo kharchhawng ang :-)
    3,Ngaihtuah ti thui thei taka ni. Ka sawi zui vak chak. mahse.. :-)

  7. Nangni chu in Blog in ti Sap thei lutuk a, ka tui pha ve lo. mahse lo len a nuam.

  8. Can i be a groupie when you make your album, can I can I can I?
    Never can tell what's up with the time-saving thing *cringe* Ka hrethiam velo reng2.

    I get really mad when we idolise the sap missionaries. Their concept of Christianity clashes so much with our traditional cultures that going traditional is now sometimes viewed as going hell-bound. Sual hi kan insiam hnem lutkaaaa, pianthar a har. Nge ka la pianthar loh vang hrim2 xok? (Have to remind myself- This is not the place to have an existential crisis of faith)

  9. Sekibuhchhuak e khai sawi zui vak ka phal reng lawm :D... kharchhawng agent no.1 ah ka dah che

    Te-a..i lo leng lut a keipoh ka lawm e. Bilingual post kan tum tran toh a nge. he hee

    Shuakshuali Hell-Bound... nice name for a band i say. well if really do make an 'album' i'll definitely appreciate 'online groupies' to spread my music when i infest the world wide web with it...