Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Heavy Post

... A heavy post post in a sense because i'm talking about my favourite band that plays heavy music.. and well im embedding a couple videos so it makes this post heavy \m/... For some reason im more comfortable calling this band by their old name: Burn the Priest. They are now [since 1999] called lamb of god. Anyways lets leave the name aside. They are coming to India - Bengaluru. - Summerstorm fest - May 15th. Lucky are the ones who will be there to see this band perform live.

Amongst the many "popular" bands that have come from abroad to play in India LOG is probably {arguably} the only band that is coming while they are at the very top of their game.

Im also very envious of the Indian bands that are going to open for them. Boomarang from Aizawl, Mizoram are one of the bands that gets to share the same stage with them.  Extinct Reflections [B'lore based] are goin to to have a nice time. Bhoomi are a little boring to me.. but lucky them too. I expected a band like Bhayanak Maut to feature in this list. Anyways theres still time and they may get a shot at sharing the stage with LOG.

Above is a log - LEGO stop motion based video made by someone..not one of my favourite songs though...
Below is one of the tracks i like from their latest album....

Anyways to anyone out there who will be going to see the show at Palace Grounds? B'lore ...be prepared for THIS

if log starts playing Black Label... a good chance something as seen in the video will happen.. otherwise a normal calm mosh pit is what you should expect...

{NOTE: LOG is not a Gospel/Christian band. LOG is not a "Satanic" band. They are a band that plays heavy music; period}

UPDATE: okay..i spent last saturday wishing i was in b'lore ~ Palace Grounds..
I asked my brother if he'd gone but he didnt ...his friends who'd gone said it was 'nice but boring'.. what the funk?!!!!

Anyways ..some lines from the Hindustan Times review.."
You would have to be a very dull person — a snob, or a sad cynic — to not enjoy this show." Too bad none of the reviews i've read so far have given insights on the performance of the opening bands...

Here are some reviews of the Concert i have been able to get...


  1. Good write up .. Don't forget to attend the Pre Party At Zero G on 14th ... some kick ass bands will be playing there !


  2. ^^ hey - thanks for dropping in!!! ...yes yes all those going to B'lore dont forget!! :-( sadly nothing ever happens here in Kolkata.. Joe Sat dropping in here was a dream...

  3. Dude, that lat vid was fuckin awesome!Dunno about LOG, when one of my friends went to the Opeth concert at iit madras, he returned with a broken neck!

  4. ^^ Ouch!!! yea.. all those goin to PalaceGrounds should be prepared to leave with a tooth or two less or a broken jaw etc.. :~D ....

  5. Ahhhhhhh Wall of Death!!!! I used to be so crazy about it, wishing to be a part of it once upon a time. Just rush in, thrash each other at the moshpit. lolz. Now I dont feel like doing that anymore... and come to think of it, it does look a bit white-trash to me now, no offense intended. :)

  6. ^^ he hee i've never really wished to be in a wall of death but yea ... definitely in a mosh pit with a band like LOG onstage.. guess it's the music that drives people a little wild..