Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing to Say

Woke up late yesterday and checked my watch to see if i could make it in time...reach the church before the service ended. At least i would not be late for the youth service where i had to preach. Yes me - preach. A joke. A short sermon they said. I'd declined many times before. No escaping.

Standing in front of our small congregation... the youth barely total up to form a football team.. Cant be so hard i said to myself.... Ive even "performed" in front of a crowd of not less than 400 people during the [cough] wild days of my youth.. But preaching? in a church...Daunting.

Took a taxi and off i went. Put on my media player to calm my nerves and the song that comes up is Soundgarden's Nothing to Say... i'd recently downloaded their old A-sides compilation it.
Sorry i digress...well the song was not very encouraging. Switch it off.

Thumbed through the pages of my little Bible "revising" what i planned to preach and by the time the gates of the church appeared i was in total confusion. I shall end here and report no more. Nothing to Say.


  • In other news... the World Cup...the team that i support is doing fine...oh yes i included a LOT  of football in my sermon .. this much i shall reveal. Thanks to a tip from Sekibuh Chhuak.

  • What else?.... oil is spilling and some bands are boycotting BP.

  • I came across an interesting topic. Mother Teresa / The Missionaries of  Charity. In bad light. Lots to say. One could start by  visiting this facebook group to get an idea - STOP The Missionaries of Charity. As i am in the city of the Saint this is something i shall to try to investigate further. Time to put my degree in journalism to use.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Destroy angels: how to


There's a tiny little window
Swarms of locusts fill the sky
Maybe I just disappear, If I can
Keep my head above the tide.
A drowning is my favourite track off this album.