Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing to Say

Woke up late yesterday and checked my watch to see if i could make it in time...reach the church before the service ended. At least i would not be late for the youth service where i had to preach. Yes me - preach. A joke. A short sermon they said. I'd declined many times before. No escaping.

Standing in front of our small congregation... the youth barely total up to form a football team.. Cant be so hard i said to myself.... Ive even "performed" in front of a crowd of not less than 400 people during the [cough] wild days of my youth.. But preaching? in a church...Daunting.

Took a taxi and off i went. Put on my media player to calm my nerves and the song that comes up is Soundgarden's Nothing to Say... i'd recently downloaded their old A-sides compilation it.
Sorry i digress...well the song was not very encouraging. Switch it off.

Thumbed through the pages of my little Bible "revising" what i planned to preach and by the time the gates of the church appeared i was in total confusion. I shall end here and report no more. Nothing to Say.


  • In other news... the World Cup...the team that i support is doing fine...oh yes i included a LOT  of football in my sermon .. this much i shall reveal. Thanks to a tip from Sekibuh Chhuak.

  • What else?.... oil is spilling and some bands are boycotting BP.

  • I came across an interesting topic. Mother Teresa / The Missionaries of  Charity. In bad light. Lots to say. One could start by  visiting this facebook group to get an idea - STOP The Missionaries of Charity. As i am in the city of the Saint this is something i shall to try to investigate further. Time to put my degree in journalism to use.


  1. Coincidentally (Or not!), our Church member who delivered the Sermon last Sunday even made a lot of references to the current World Cup football.. Was it you?! hehe..
    I'm not a speech guy, don't remember the last time I said anything in front of a crowd... of more than three.... people... who were physically present... just to listen to me.... etc etc..

  2. I thusawi tui lutuk, pulpit chumlai vel te, rawmawl a i chal a thlan lo luang in hru vel deuh pak pak tur lai hmel chu ka van hmu chak ve..Spaeker Fakte-a ang deuhin :-D

  3. A-sides i ngaithla ve chiah a maw? :D you are very bachcha :D

    Would love to hear what you managed to preach. Nothing about graphics or designing I hope :D On the first day, God made the layers and base template, on the second day he created masking and vector images with lighting effects, etc etc :D

  4. yes blackestred ... i hear..actions speak louder than words...


    amen :-) - kan han soi vel chu automatic in pulpit chum chu ron chhuak ve mai..


    im trying to get doctorate in Chris Cornellogy.. having listened to all his solo work + Audioslave .. thought it was high time i moved beyond the popular Black Hole Sun and Spoonman..

  5. Ummmm try this if you have to speak about His words... speak not from your wisdom but try and let the good Lord speak through you...

  6. ^^ Hotupa nge2 i ron ti dik lutuk!!! thanks!!...