Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Destroy angels: how to


There's a tiny little window
Swarms of locusts fill the sky
Maybe I just disappear, If I can
Keep my head above the tide.
A drowning is my favourite track off this album. 


  1. Ka hre thiam lo, Mizo tawngin han let teh.

  2. ^Heaven forbid!!!

  3. respected Te-a Colney

    kan let don a nge...

    Title: Vantirhkoh nuai chimit dan hlate..
    ...a thlawnin lakthlak theih..

    Tukverh tereuhte a awma
    Van chu khaukhuap tam takin a khat a
    Boral thei ilang, theih chuan
    Ka lu hi tuifawn chungah awm thei hram se ... :D

  4. Shuakshuali judging from your online nick: maybe you'd be the kind of person to destroy angels :-)

    Sekibuhchhuak hmani a hmaibuk a iphone instrument hmang hla i ron dah kha nalh ka ti khop mai..

  5. Shuali was once an Angel... now Fallen from Grace.

    Will definitely take a look at this album...

  6. ^^ yes do give a listen... might not be your taste..but it's not everyday that an established artist gives away their songs for free legal download.... and i guess it's not everyday that an ex-angel? visits my blog :-)