Sunday, October 24, 2010

Food & Drink[s]

Reading rule no. 8 in the book for bloggers, it says that one must post something about food at least once. Yes that's right..there are 102 rules and this rule is in the top 10. Okay i just made it up but blogger friend Sekibuhchhuak always posts photos of {delicious} food so  i felt it was time i posted a photo of something that i've eaten and really enjoyed. 

Behold the famous Chelo Kabab for which Peter Cat is renowned for here in Kolkata. If you do drop in the city.. go try it over at Park Street.


Also dont {forget to} Drink. I had to pause a bit as i was adding the pic below because it seems posting alcohol related images is frowned upon by some folks i learnt on master blogger Illusionaires post.. :-)  hic.. anyways 3 cheers!!!

wrote the little poem in there when i was on my 8th bottle. 
Even Shakespeare would admire it. No?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Like money

The Social Network is getting good reviews. Have not yet watched it though.
In the future, Mark Zuckerberg will have his own country - offline.

The other day, back from work as i got off the bus and headed towards my source of food for the night i realised that i'd left my wallet in the office. I only had 2 two Rupee coins in my pocket..bus fare change. No cash & no plastic card to withdraw money. Luckily i remembered that i had some coins in my cave so quickly i went and dug out my coin bag.

Added  up to 21 Rupees and 50 Paisa. Good enough to buy a simple meal here in Kolkata. I was very grateful to the ignored coins that i first did a photo-shoot for them before i bid them coins goodbye. Back in 1991 my mother gave me 4 rupees as pocket money to take to school one day and boy..did i feel rich!!!