Sunday, October 10, 2010

Like money

The Social Network is getting good reviews. Have not yet watched it though.
In the future, Mark Zuckerberg will have his own country - offline.

The other day, back from work as i got off the bus and headed towards my source of food for the night i realised that i'd left my wallet in the office. I only had 2 two Rupee coins in my pocket..bus fare change. No cash & no plastic card to withdraw money. Luckily i remembered that i had some coins in my cave so quickly i went and dug out my coin bag.

Added  up to 21 Rupees and 50 Paisa. Good enough to buy a simple meal here in Kolkata. I was very grateful to the ignored coins that i first did a photo-shoot for them before i bid them coins goodbye. Back in 1991 my mother gave me 4 rupees as pocket money to take to school one day and boy..did i feel rich!!!


  1. Creative thei khawp mai! I pawisa bil bel te chu LIKE tu avan ngah ve :-P

  2. he heee... inhmuh remchan te a awm leh chuan i awmna ram pawisa thir min lo hawn la :-)

  3. I always collect coins, they really come in handy for paying auto drivers who never have change and always charge you in round figures. Plus the sight of all that metal accumulating in a box makes one feel rich.

  4. May your piggy bank always hold a coin or two! Two coins in the piggy bank makes more noise than when it is full!

  5. Aduhi ... real coin collection has old British era Indian coins and foreign coins whenever i can get them..

    Maisek ... hehee wish i had a piggy farm .. then no worries of having pork roast / boiled on a regular basis.. :D