Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photos - dogs, meat, gods, car & a bike

3 amigos..feeling cold
Just clearing up my harddrive... dug out some photos i'd taken sometime last winter....Click on them for a larger view...One thing i've noticed a lot - dogs sleeping in threes..Hmmm what else should i write in this space?

Well, let me plug some..okay two to be precise -- artists relatively not rich n famous.

3 amigos asleep after shoppingLadies first - give a listen to Miri. A hint of Macy Gray in her voice...i love her accent. I had crush on a girl..Miri when i was in high school...yes yes i confess, i did a facebook search  sometime back..and instead of finding her i found this Miri... now go listen: One of the best unsigned artists i've stumbled across..

Next up - listen to the Metal Farmer from Mangalore aka Pritham D' this one from the IndianRockMp3 fb wall.

This guy plays different genres..and well he is a farmer...Morbid Pitbull being one of his projects.. the others have names like Sticky Frog. He has a rather large banner so scroll down to get to the embedded audio player.

My favourite track from the Morbid Pitbull project is The Evergreen Script. 

Meat alight

Red meat

No offense intended to anyone ..regarding the photo with car and idols which i've titled as Disposable gods ...on my flickr page

Disposable gods

The Police Bike - Kolkata


  1. hahaha, i know Miri, the high school crush, tralalalala... Im soo gonna tell her and she'll come kick your ass because well, I dont know,heh :D

  2. Pic 1 khi nalh khawp mai.

    Kolkata Thunder Bike pawh analh khawp mai :-P
    Kolkata Police lamtawi an ziah vel hi,ka hmuh tirh khan KTP lawmtawi ang ka ti thei rass!:-)

  3. scared :-).. but i'd be very scared if you were to report to my wife writing about a crush..


    nia.. KTP hian Mizoram pawnah cuan Kalkat ah hian an thawk tha ve khawp mai :-)
    pic 1 leh 2 khi i thenawm ten flying squirrel an hne hunah an ei duh mai ang a....

  4. Miri maw?? In nu ka hrilh dawn.

  5. Heloooo..... i art work ka en atang khan tunge i nih rin ka nei nghal mai a... Bike lem kan ziah laite kha !!!!! ka lung i va ti leng ve.

    Hey..... keipawh animation lam kan khawih a nih hi.... i dam maw.. inhmuh a van chak awm ve..tuina inang :)

  6. Ale Ale handro..right..


    sure thing...Malt.. dam alawm... ka ron la leng ang remchan veleh..

  7. hey!!! thanks for talking about my music....really appreciate to know that there are people out there who listen to my stuff....

    if u are interested also got another dark metal project called " Obire Diem" and u can listen to it here


  8. ^^ thanks for dropping in can thank the good folks at IRMP3 from where i got the link to your site... as i type these words im listening to Obire Diem... proper feed back maybe in another blog post :-) cheers and keep on doing what you are doing..