Sunday, April 11, 2010


Rooting for Manchester United is a responsiblity i take up very religiously... missed church this morning but here i am again in the devil's den.. not a good result again this evening.

Now about roots ~ ancestry... A friend of mine who is far off in a distant land, away from the hills he calls home asked me if i could come up with some "artwork" which he could tattoo on his chest... he gave me a brief as to what he wanted.. and then i came up with something.. adding a little of my own input {cheesy line + the chem [Mizo 'machete'] }. After seeing it he didnt quite like it a 100%... so ..taking in new instructions i sent him something else...

anyways heres the first one i sent him...we did agree that it'd look cool on a t-shirt though...

As i was colouring in the feather i was reminded of Red Indians plus
something an acquaintance of mine told me. While she was in Singapore? some new Mizo students who'd arrived there crashed at her place.
On being asked by some locals out there of their origin, with all seriousness they told them that they were "Yellow Indians" :~)

[i guess they were trying to explain their "far east" features + their country = India situation.]

just for those interested... click HERE ...process i follow to create simple work as shown above.


  1. this is waaaaay cool. dig the sketch AND the process. even i waaant! and wish we could see the final version too! :(

  2. Llast nite's game was oh so nice... whatsisname dived and the ref didnt give a rats ass, and he wallowed there on the grass. Jobless! :D
    I like the art! Vaihlo zial han hnarkhu chhuah leh phei se, hehehe

  3. Coincidence: A friend asked me today if I knew how to create Vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator, so I googled it real quick and told him I didn't.. lol..
    Nice work, BTW, and thanks for sharing the creation process, will try it out, not that I draw well, but that I rather create "modern" art to excuse my bad, distorted and disproportionate drawings.

  4. not bad not bad at all....the machete is really cool...lil light thogh

  5. First off... thanks all... i wish i could say all get free t-shirts featuring the above design...but since i cant make this happen.. i offer my tattoo-ing services... I've tattooed three persons.. they're all still alive..and not angry with me..

    Anonymous> > hello there unknown... totally agree, the chem looks too stainless steely :-).. too wimpy..

    blackestred > ... art is all about expressing yourself .. they say.. so just do what you do.. and enjoy.
    tip: when you put up your artwork.. never mention that you cant draw well.. trust me.."bad, distorted and disproportionate drawings" sell :-)

    Shuakshuali > Vaihlo zial? heheee marijuana te poh :P .. diving is an art :-) but me devils are bad at it.

    Peer Gynt > ... certain flaws in this dejine.. other one was another skull..not human.. :D ...

  6. WOW!

    Am "wowing" not at the graphics, but at the fact that there are still Manure supporters today? Simply, wow!


    Coming to your graphics, its nicely done. I really like your raw method of using a digicam instead of a scanner. lolz. Nice, really nice. The handle of the machete can have a little bit more depth and contour though. It seems a bit out of place with the styling of the skull elements.

  7. ^^OUCH!!! Wigan gun down the Gunners.. :D

    thanks for the appreciation + the critique...i agree.

  8. real neat. *definitely tee shirt material, though (in the light of certain online discussions) some of us could have an "almost zo" banner instead. lmao.

    thanks for sharing the process, though calling this "simple work" is a bit show-offy don't you think? grin.

  9. ^^ Almost Famous tees are out there... Almost Zo definitely has a market :D... aahhh come on.. show off? well i guess so.. but this is really not a complex work..