Saturday, August 15, 2009

In League with Devils

Yes, a lot of people hate us….but I think it’s the price one has to pay for being in league with a force so united and powerful. I feel truly honored to count myself as one of those who stoke the flames of the empire…
Can the church or other established faiths stop us?

Yes and no…. yes because depending upon their location the church might succeed in stopping some of our fellow brothers and sisters from seeing the battles we fight. But actually some of our congregations pray in the very churches / temples / mosques… that others worship in... praying for the very force we support to achieve more.

No, because many of us choose not to enter customary places of worship but rather watch or be in the very premises where our devils practice their mastery. And yes, many give huge offerings to be able to do so every year. They might not appear to be … but there are many who are in league with the devils that I align with amongst church leaders. I personally know one such person. In fact his whole family approve of the devils and their deeds.

My own family members are yet to believe. I’ve got a wife who is too weak to have any more faith. When she sees me during times of devilish celebrations she shivers and breaks down. It hurts to see her suffer…mentally and the liver problem she has doesn’t make things easier.
My brother went astray many years ago following an army of failures. I truly feel sorry for him and his adopted sect. They have goals but it’s like they always end up firing blanks.

My parents? They just don’t care. Only hope remains for my daughter…but I leave it up to her to make a choice…though a little direction from my side wouldn’t hurt…

I must admit that a couple of strong adversaries do exist to bring us down. Much was accomplished in the past year except for an important battle that was lost at the end of one epic war. But a new period has come again. Glory is what we the supporters of Manchester United F.C. also known as The Red Devils wish for again from the team.
The English Premier League season is in. Whom do you support?

> My wife does not have liver problems. She supports Liverpool F.C. who had problems in winning any major trophy last year.

> My brother belongs to the Christian Presbyterian sect. He supports Arsenal F.C. They really do fail to live up to their chosen name when it really matters.

> My mother supports Michael Chang the now retired tennis player. My little daughter and father enjoy watching Mr. Bean.

Image: Silhouette of Sir Alex Ferguson with a pitchfork.
Next time I’ll add him chewing gum. I’d forgotten to add this important attribute.
Source: In-house blinddayze Art.


  1. nice post!

    tho not a football fan, i shall now be with the Devils in Spirit! muaahaha })

  2. yay! i support michael chang too!

  3. @ Peer Gynt & feddabonn >> This post was commissioned to me by Sir Alex Ferguson in a that i could help in getting more fans to support The Red Devils... }:-)

  4. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! This I gotta reply!!! As soon as I finish updating the Zo bloggers latest post section... You just wait, you bloody #$&^%^&*@#$@ Manure wanker!

    Forwarding this to your Bro right now too. :-)

  5. Liverpool are also called "the reds"
    Manchester also call themselves "the reds"
    Arsenal are also referred to as "the reds"

    Mizo tam tak hian "Ramhuai football team" an lo support asin. Synod hian hei hi enfiah se a tha ang :D

  6. Dik chiah! Manure tran zawng zawng hi chu Kohhran hian phuar nghal rawh seeeee!!!!! Setana pawl vek an ni e.

    By the way, I did praise Manure a little bit on my latest post. The first time it ever happened on my blog! Appreciated the way you guys are happy Twinkle Toes left.

  7. @ Mos-a >> Liverpool = The Reds, Arsenal = The Gunners, Manchester United is not=The Reds. Mizo Synod enfiah a ngai?? :-)

    @illusionaire >> Well yes ..i'm just a little bit afraid that Nani is trying to behave like Twinkle Toes..minus the goal scoring abilities..

    Manure is good. Guns are bad.

  8. hahahahhahah....nice one! Im surprised at the docility of Sandman's response; tho I dont follow EPL, i love to see the hardcore fans antics

  9. Hey, wonder how this ends. Aren't you scared of Illusionaire, the crazed fanatic fan of Arsenal? Looks like it could come to blows. That'll be more fun watching than mere games, hehehe!

  10. @ OpaHmar >> Well i guess the docility of Sandman's response might have something to do with a football match he played in Mumbai recently...

    @ mesjay >> Please dont put in any violent ideas in our heads.. but i hear theres something called Pro Fight happening in Aizawl these i guess hardcore football fanatics physically fighting each other would make a pretty interesting reality show..

  11. Ahemzzzz... Burnley kicked Manure's ass. BWAHAHAHAAAA.... Burnley??? Freaking Burnley? Our ladies reserve team can beat them with their eyes closed. Bwahahaha!

    Arsenal are still third on the EPL table, even with 12 teams playing one more game than us. Booyasha!

  12. ^^ Calm down :-) man i knew this was coming.. but you've got to understand how Sir Alex works..

    "...Then Ferguson fears Coyle will be a man under pressure, no matter that he was responsible for their unexpected return to England's elite for the first time since 1976..."


    This was what was in Sir Alex' mind after Burnley's disappointing loss in the start.. Manchester United believe in doing some charity we let the newbies win.. at the end of the season we show no mercy... }:-)

  13. Khai le..!! Burnley ho chu in van sawp nasa ve, Devil ho chuan ( hehe )

  14. @ Sekibuhchhuak >> E khai kan pawl lo ho in tam hle mai mo.. tran lak a ngai don e..Red Devils chanchin thra theh darhna hna kan bei chiam mai don moni le misual dot kom ah.. :-)

  15. hehehehe..comments ho ka chhiar a, ka nui thla char2. illusionaire tang ltk vel hi. LMAO!
    Nice post, for a moment you got me thinking. . . hehe

  16. @ Mimihrahsel >> Welcome...even though you havent mentioned which football club you support or whether you are into football at all im gonna pray that you too shall be a Red Devils supporter...

    Illusionaire n others..their club ...kum tin hian an tang ve ziah a.. an khongaihthlakom a nia...

  17. Good one, very interesting... How people survive in one family having Devil Clan, Gunners, Liver (pool)problem, still M. Chang and beans...I am also not a fan, I am among the Clan....

  18. @ Jono >> Hell O bro :-) .. lo leng luta.