Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ready, Get Set, Read!!!

An uneventful week has gone by again as far as external activities are concerned [as usual]. Living alone I pretty much stay indoors after I get off from office and in the weekends too I’m mostly confined inside the four walls of my little rented room. Of course on Sundays I TRY to make it to church in the mornings…..but even on those occasions of failure to do so, I do end up at a good Reverend’s place and get to enjoy a tasty Mizo meal which they always generously offer…although I always politely weakly refuse.. saying I’ve already taken breakfast…etc..

Since I don’t own a TV I spend a good amount of time sitting in front of my computer. And this ancient machine of mine has served me well. It belonged to my brother who bought it while he was supposedly studying some computer course many many years ago in the same institute with
Bill Gates. Sadly today I’m not the brother of a billionaire. Okay sorry for the exaggeration….but the monitor and the 2.1 set of speakers are at least 9 and a half years old [passed on from my brother] and the main computer assembled about 4 years ago. The hard disk being the latest part to be replaced. Still, my machine is a far cry from the one I enjoy working on in office with a slick TFT monitor and Core2duo processor + loads of RAM.

My home computer is not connected to the World [wide web] so sitting in front of it does not include surfing the internet. However it serves well for watching movies – three of Jim Jarmusch’s films being the latest that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I would highly recommend Down by Law, Broken Flowers and Coffee & Cigarettes for those new to this independent film maker’s work.

Besides films and music… since four days ago my hard disk also happily contains the contents of a Gutenberg project cd [’03 edition] which I dug out while clearing up my cd/dvd suitcase. I’d long forgotten about this collection of [eBooks] literature which contains approximately 8000 titles in it. [HTML and text file format].

So, unless it’s only Sidney Sheldon books you’re interested in, just surf over online to Project Gutenberg and get free access to 25,000 and counting works of literature!!! It would also be a nice thing to contribute your own works or in the form of monetary help and various other means.

Alrighty then, this post is getting long rather quickly….going to get back to my Gutenberg treasure -- reading The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne …just completed Edgar Rice Burroughs – The Return of Tarzan….[I’ve always wanted to be like Tarzan in the comic books—sadly having long hair is the only thing I’ve accomplished]. Okay so once again…from Aristotle to Emile Zola’s writings.. it’s all in there!!!! Feel free to read the available literature…..pun intended.
Go Gutenberg!!!


  1. Gutenberg? 'm too busy readin CFC to take a look even. hmph.

    But its a wonderful project and now 'm thinkin Christ'd be far mo forgiving than Gutenberg so here I am abandoning Him temporarily. Thank you.

    "on Sundays I TRY". mmmpff.

  2. some good stuff on gutenberg. i think they are also looking for volunteers if you can spare some time from church...[grin]

  3. @ Peer Gynt >> reading CFC? what is that? .. i've on heard only of KFC.. Kentucky Fried Chicken.. On Sundays what do you Fry? :P Eggs?

    @ feddabonn >> Loads of great stuff!! and just the other day before i'd found my Gutenberg CD i was trying to buy some second hand books... and man was i happy when i found the same in the Gutenberg CD.. yes seriously :-) they do need volunteers to ATTEND the church service.. the one where i go to..

  4. Thanks for the tip, i'll go to it.

    You make your comp sound so ancient, it can't beat mine! My Martha's nine years old but she's working fine.

  5. @ mesjay >> Welcome...Gutenberg's a simply a great resource.. and theres a site called Scribd which also has ebooks for free.. think im gonna give my computer a name too...