Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to tell whether you are a Fanatic

First of all a quick definition of the word fanatic I’ve taken from an online dictionary:

[Noun] - A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause)
[Adjective] - Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea
Well…I personally don’t really have a concrete answer to tell if one is a fanatic.

So, I’m just going to take my case. There are a couple of artists & artistes I really admire...but now let me just limit my study to the world of football [soccer] and the Manchester United [The Red Devils] supporter in me for this brief case study.

The following are some random points:

1. Taking a photo of one’s 2 year old daughter
and putting in text which says “Little Red Devil” when one should probably be calling her “my little angel” or some other sweet appropriate word + making it appear as if she is wearing a ManUtd kit

2. Thinking realistically and knowing that one will never be able to play for ManUtd. in this lifetime but having recurring dreams where my little daughter becomes the star player of this very club I support.

3. Carrying an authentic Manchester United back pack to my workplace everyday even though all I put inside it is a bottle of water. [I’m saving money to buy the latest original jersey]

4. Asking my wife to give me live commentary over the phone [long distance call] while ManUtd is playing when I’m not in a position to watch the match. Okay a little exaggeration here but I don’t own a TV or have connection to the internet where I live alone currently so I do ask her to give me frequent updates over the phone when I dont make it to someplace where I can watch important matches.

Alright, shall not bore you more with my case. Probably mine is just a mild case compared to any of you fanatics out there … what/who-ever you are fanatics for. Maybe you don’t even think of yourself as a mere fanatic....maybe you are even more than a mere lunatic fanatic.

Oh, by the way Manchester United 2 – 1 Arsenal. Last night's match result. Really, Arsenal.. thanks for the charity shown. :-)

Quote I’d seen on some page on the internet in the recent past went something like:
I don’t have problems with god. It’s his fan club that I hate…
It brought a silent smile but it also made me think a little bit…..then I closed the web page and turned back to the latest news section of


  1. I fanu chu van hmel tha ve !

    Nizan kha chu inkhel tha hle mai :-)

  2. You definitely are a fanatic! Like you could call your pretty daughter 'Little Red Riding Hood' instead of 'Devil'-- poor thing, having to bear the brunt of her dad's irrational enthusiasm,etc... hehehe!

  3. Dunno how you Mancheaters can celebrate when you know so well that you spent all that extra money you got from Ronaldo's transfer on bribing the match officials. Beats me...

    And of course you're welcome to come and comment on my analysis of the game you're talking about :D

    Ps. Just a word of caution. Be strong when you come over. I don't want you breaking down and crying like a baby after reading the truth.


  4. @ Sekibuhchhuak >> Nia hman zan kha chu kan tan chuan "business as usual" :-)

    @ mesjay >> Actually i was just going to post up the photo on flickr.. but somehow it evolved into a blog post around the pic...

    @ illusionaire >> Commented on your blog.
    ManCheaters..well i'll repeat just this bit.. Just like it's been done in the Serie A [Italy]..where they demoted Juventus and a couple of other clubs for the match-fixing all means do start an online movement to carry out a similar act in the EPL..