Sunday, July 26, 2009

...Justice for All...reality or fiction?

I'd joined a Facebook group about 15 days back - Justice for Professor i type these words i hope that a good number of people are there right now near India Gate [New Delhi] supporting the protest...

The Facebook group profile has the following words...

Yesterday - Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Mattoo and Nitish Katara
Today - Professor Sabharwal
Tomorrow - Me, You and Our Family

The Late Prof. Harbhajan Singh Sabharwal Served as a Professor of Political Science at Madhav College, Ujjain (M.P). At the time of his murder on the 26th of August’2006. He, while on student election duty, was allegedly murdered in cold blood on the fateful day.

It was just a day after i joined the group that i read an article here in The Telegraph, Kolkata "Professor case in sabotage rut "

....It's's bad..Forget about arresting the guilty..."Some others were rewarded. Manoj Singh, the then city superintendent of police who was accused of not trying to save the professor, was promoted as additional superintendent of Indore."

Click HERE to read more. [The Telegraph]


  1. the state of 'justice' in india is incredibly depressing. i wonder if it will get any better.

    on a tangent: all the talk one hears of 'corruption' in the hill states- i am yet to hear of any one being caught/prosecuted.

  2. The Northeast.... hmmm can't say much about what really happens...

    but i guess in Mizoram the government officials / law holders / the Church take .."Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone.." very seriously so i guess no one can really get arrested :-) ...

    Okay jokes apart... just like "Justice" is just a word.. maybe "corruption" has become just another term...

  3. Corruption, unaccountability, low job satisfaction.. these are the factors bugging our Police Departments. They take pride in their job only when they harass you for money for whatever reason they come up with.
    Here, in Pune, it is well known that majority of the traffic cops collect more side-income than their actual salary, and that is probably the main reason why people join the Police force. Not because they want to help people, fight bad guys, be a hero, but for Side-income!
    Of course, there are respectable cops, but they are a dying breed, as close to extinction as honest politicians in Mizoram. :P
    BTW.. I've added your site in my blogroll.

  4. @ blackestred >> Thanks...likewise i've rolled you too :-)

    The Good, the bad and the ugly ... guess this is reality. But in the case above [Prof Sabharwal] ..the officer incharge getting a promotion despite his lack of's bad

    And on the subject of joining a job for other reasons... in this case a little different..and maybe it's just a joke.. but one applicant for a theological college was asked.. "Why do you want to join....?"
    He answers:"....later for my further studies i can get a chance to go abroad to UK and watch the English Premier League..."

  5. Even that guy who torched the Congress MLA's house in MP recently (sent out by Mayawati) is rewarded with a new post. Thats the world we live in. Not only do criminals go around free, the guilty are publicly rewarded.

    Remember that shameful incident in Mizoram when a group of SRS vigilantes thrashed an alleged drugs dealer to death mercilessly? The moment they were released from Jail for "lack of evidence", many people garlanded them and celebrated! SHAMEEEEEEEEE F*CKING SHAME.

  6. the son of Prof Sabharwal's associate was murderered recently in Delhi. Dunno if that is related. it was in the news a week ago.

  7. @ illusionaire >> guilty getting rewarded..No words but to say Sad but True!!!..

    And talking about Mizoram .. i've always wondered what REALLY happened and HOW the case got closed..the pastor who allegedly committed suicide sometime... early last year?.. think i should read up

    @ Mos-a >> Just looked it up ...VERY MUCH related!!

    Seems like organizing Peace Protests is a very risky thing to do!! Reports indicate that it was just after they put up posters for the very event im talking about that *he got murdered...

    [ *Parminder Singh, who worked as accountant with Himanshu -- son of the murdered Prof.. ]