Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Googoo Gaagaa Google!!!

Besides speaking on the phone.. and sending photos... Google Maps helps.. :-) Featured below is the area where my folks, little daughter & wife currently reside..

View 23.761350, 92.734940 in a larger map

Was "playing" inside Google Maps yesterday....and it's pretty fun to fiddle with in free time...creating labels, exploring areas where you've been, where you want to go..or maybe searching for ahem..someone's house...okay we are getting into intrusion of privacy [stalker] territory .. :-)

Once you've created your get a code to embed.. just like embedding Youtube videos. Google is cool!!! Now about the intrusion of privacy part + Google. Yesterday i was reading some Freemason stuff..and after i few minutes ...i was immediatley getting ads for FreeMasonic clothing..whatever that is. [Ads appear as links to the site inside gmail-- the sponsored links]

So, back to the privacy.. exert from Michael Hyatt's blog..
"For all practical purposes, privacy is dead: get over it. Via Google, people can find out more about you in ten minutes than was possible in a lifetime ten years ago. You might as well intelligently feed the Google search engines with what you want people to know about you. You need to be smart about it, but you are in control."... [+ read more] (Michael's post regarding Twitter) Affirmative i say.

Another new? feature that i read about Google Image search is the added option inside Advanced Search: Usage Rights which includes options like "labeled for commercial reuse with modification" ..pretty neat . I did a random search with certain words and got some pretty good photos [high res too]... and also a good way to look up for images to spice up your blog post.
So i guess i should end with --- Enjoy the world wide web responsibly!! and usefully :-) Cheers.


  1. ooh yes! i identify with the mapping houses of ppl far away :( tho sometimes it makes it worse...makes u wanna dive into the screen eh hehe :D

    well here's hopin that soon you won't have to map out desired locations and live in them (with the people desired)instead!

  2. "All we need is
    Internet GaaGaa,
    Internet GooGoo
    ...Internet GaaaGaaaah"

    hih...three cheers for Google Mapping! (And Freddie Mercury)

  3. @ Peer Gynt >> haa haaa... i think in your case you can add Internet Gaa gaa and Gita Gi Giii!!

    Dive into the screen.. yes wish i could. Guess Google should work on this feature soon... :-)

  4. No offense, but just out of curiousity, are you the husband of a doctor's daughter?

  5. @ blackestred >> none taken.... featured above is ATC campus.. Leitan South

    don't know whether you know this guy who goes by the name Goldmember / Mos-a who posts once in awhile on his blog to impress his
    girlfriend :-) ... i'm his brother..