Monday, July 6, 2009

Already July....time Flies

What did i do yesterday?...alone on a Sunday.. rain pouring down?

Well i aint no Lennon
and far from Cohen
Just a wannabe Dylan... so i picked up my guitar and tried to write a song...that goes..

It's already July
the rains have come...
Oh.. how time flies
under the sun.....

Said i'd be home
but here i am....
Speaking on the phone
from another land.... ----- to be continued :-)


Watched a film called Into the Wild.....directed by Sean Penn. One word..Wow!.. this man can direct well. And good acting from the actors. [Great Soundtrack too...for PearlJam/Vedder fans.. Eddie Vedder songs in here are beautiful...]

And talking about Sean Penn... i have not yet seen his latest Oscar winning performance in Milk.. a film in which he portrays an American gay rights activist - Harvey Milk. Now out here in India the dropping of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that makes homosexuality illegal... is making news. I never even knew that it was "classified?" as a
criminal act.

My opinions on this subject?.... I was briefly talking with a friend the other day on this issue. Now without beating around the bush....and at the risk of sound a little explicit. The Sodomy part = unnatural behaviour.

I know this is a sensitive issue and i'm not gonna say much more.
But this is my take on it .. ( Probably a very immature way of looking at it) But here goes..
Friends of the same sex. Normal. Having physical relationships [sodomy]?....Not normal.

Human teeth as can be seen in the image.. Canine, molars, Incisors... God gave us these different types so we can eat both Vegeterian and Non Vegeterian food. Animals...--Cows they don't have Canine / Incisors to cut into flesh. They have good teeth to chew veggies. ...herbivorous. Humans, omnivorous.

Now did God design our bodies for homosexual physical activity? No. Again at the risk of sounding crude... the male body only has the part for you know what and not THE OTHER part for well....

I will end my uneducated take on this subject but this is what i feel. It's definitely not a Criminal Act. Rather i think it's a Medical or rather Mental thing involved. Gays should be
treated with respect and Care.
Teeth image - courtesy: USA 2017[dot]com


  1. I love the pome!! :) and ditto too on the movie!

    The anal intercourse part 'll leave to the owners of the respective anuses (pardon my French)but yes, to each his own Anus i say :D ...but as long's one respects them, a difference of opinion is given the same respect :).

    And v enlightening on the incisors bit...will feel a lot lighter the next time i have meat!

    Cheerio and keep the blog alive..and here's wishin u luck the day you plunge into the wild :) Thumzup!

  2. brilliant movie. poem possibly needs some more work, i think.

    most gays aren't looking for people to agree with the as such, just the freedom to be who they are without fear. seems a reasonable desire to me, hey. i feel about religion the way you feel about homosexuals, and understand! :)

  3. @ Peer Gynt >> :-) Your French is forgiven...

    And yes humans have a very good set of teeth
    for eating vegetables and even meat
    but i do feel sorry for those poor souls
    err ummm who dont have the proper hole
    for you know...

    ....okay im going way out of line here with this rhyming more.

    @ feddabonn >> yes will work on it..just trying to come up with simple songs..

  4. I loved Into the Wild cos' of the fact that it deals with the urge to be free from the bonds that we create for ourselves. I loved the part where he threw his cash, credit card.. etc etc into the fire and the purest sense of freedom overtook him.. I would love to do be able to do that.
    Anyways, Milk was OK, but Sean's performance didn't really deserve an oscar considering the fact that he has portrayed way more impressive characters before.
    About the gays... to each his own..(As long as they don't flaunt it!) Hehe..

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  6. @ blackestred >> Yes... that scene where he eats and really relishes the apple ...loved it..I've watched it 4 times now....and not because i have a crush on the hero.... ;-)

    @ feddabonn >> The religion thing... i'd came across a poem in Khushwant Singh's column in Kolkata's Telegraph newspaper.... and i've found this same column has also been reproduced in The Tribune, Chandigarh..which is also up online. Following is a short extract..poem by Prof Badri Raina...

    Frozen in Birth

    First we are born to man and wife;
    Then they give us our names;
    Those names then our prison make;
    Of inflexible religious frames;
    But I that a Hindu am;
    Might well have a Muslim been;
    Had the sperm and egg that wrought me;
    Come from an Aslam and Nasreen;


  7. There's that popular one-liner... if God wanted man to be homosexual, he would have created Adam and Steve instead. :)

    But from a practical point of view, I do not understand why Religion is poking its nose into the State's affair. In India we have a Constitution that clearly states the separation of the Church (or any religion) from the State. If homosexuality is a sin, isn't it up to the Divine to judge us on Judgment day? Why should the ruling of a materialistic law body affect us... is just my opinion. Freedom and equality of rights should be for all, regardless of their sexual preference.

  8. @ illusionaire >> Adam and Steve.. he heee ....

    yes..just the other day i was talking to one of my senior colleagues here at work and i mentioned my teeth analogy thing... then one of them said that maybe it's because of evolution.

    Now, if this was the case im also assuming that humans have engaged in bi/homosexual activity from a long time with the evolution angle thing shouldn't humans have developed both proper organs/parts to engage in sex? ...

    And yes i was a bit late in reading your comment on this topic at Thumbs up to it.