Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weakly [in]Activity Report

Activity One: Watching someone who's not there...

Recently got hold of a not so recent biographical film directed by Todd Haynes... called I'm not There. A film about Bob Dylan. Where he is portrayed by 6 different actors. Now, the interesting part.. [at least to me]---Included in the list of actors who portray Dylan are Christian Bale and [late]Heath Ledger - both starred in the film: The Dark Knight (Batman)]
....Bale as Batman, Ledger as the Joker. Bob Dylan has a song called Jokerman...which i really like and i really like Heath Ledger's acting as the Joker in the Dark Knight. I've not heard the studio version[Jokerman] but i really like this live performance with this particular line up. Watch out for the part where Dylan has problems with the harmonica..

Activity Two: going back to The Beach

A brilliant first novel from Alex Garland which i'd read a couple of years back....Read it all over again.... Makes me want to pack my bags and go back packing... be a traveller and not a tourist...
....and we also have Leonardo Di Caprio in the film version...which was directed by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.. In my opinion the novel's better..

Activity Three: Case Study

Reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. I'd got hold of this book [pdf format] from an online source sometime back. Reading it again. I've sent a mail to the author asking him whether the pdf format of his book was made available online intentionally or is this a case of illegal reproduction.... Anyways this book has helped me a lot and i would be more than happy to give the online source of this book to others interested in reading it... Hopefully i'll get a reply from


  1. that sounds quite busy to me!

    interesting @the beach. i felt it was rather touristy, though in a more edgy way. then again, what *is the difference between a tourist and a traveler? haven't watched the movie, though.

  2. The Beach? Great concept. Lousy movie, thanx to cry baby Leo. Love him in macho roles, but feel like puking when he plays effiminate roles.

  3. @ feddabonn >> tourist..traveler thing.. he heee a line i picked up from The Beach.... i think your sister qualifies as a traveler...cycling trip thing... and a tourist would be like the person who visits only the Great Wall of China and other well known landmarks... a traveler..going to places not yet listed in Lonely Planet :-) ..

    @illusionaire >> Cry baby Leo?.. i loved his performance in The Basketball Diaries... yea he cried and whined a lot in that movie...

    @ Keichala >> ads free blog... honestly i wouldn't mind one or two ads but ONLY if i could choose or control what kind of Ads are going to appear in my blog space....