Friday, February 18, 2011


sojourner: noun - a temporary resident {A sojourner is a person who resides temporarily in a place.}
1 Chronicles 29:15For we [are] strangers before thee, and sojourners, as [were] all our fathers: our days on the earth [are] as a shadow, and [there is] none abiding.

A sojourner i am. We all are. Aren't we? Who wants to live forever? .... Well before i begin to sound too serious and start writing about life after death or repeat the word sojourner a hundred times...let me talk about food.

So it happens that because of certain circumstances which have presented themselves in such a manner that things couldn't be otherwise soon i'll be leaving the city of Kolkata...Ta-ta to Kolkata - the city in which i've enjoyed, relished and eaten many fish of different varieties.

If i were to make an abridged visual representing  the major places i've lived in it would be as follows..

Porky Pig

Now if all pigs looked and behaved like Porky Pig and all the fish like little Nemo i'd never eat them.. Back in Mizoram the numero uno dish i guess is still pork.. and in West Bengal it's fish.

Am now moving to a place know for it's oranges.

How boring.

Anyways a sojourner i am so i shall  move on and eat see what's in store for me. Just as i was getting really comfortable living in the city of Kolkata devouring fishes ... them oranges come calling to me. During my earlier days we shifted around a couple of times .. it was in/around Aizawl so at least the pork was always there. Oh well three years i'd spent in Bengaluru .. Hmmm what is the no.1 dish down there? Wasn't really into the local food tasting scene then....

Image source:

Porky Pig : {Picture of the famous Looney Tunes character, Porky Pig.}

No pigs or fishes were harmed in the making of this blog post.


  1. i've only seen nagpur in a rush...would like t hear what you think of it. and no, there isn't quite anything like the hill pork, though free-range pork here seems to come close.

  2. Hei i blog ka lo lut ve hlawl mai, tu tak ni ang maw ka ti thin a, mama'n min hrilh a, i lo ziak thiam hle mai.

  3. Hahaha Oranges and Orange Firm Dude!