Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry New Year

Dont know if it's the water i've been drinking lately but i have strong dislike to the Merry Christmas greeting....Happy Christmas sounds more like it it. It's Jesus' birthday.. so happy birthday .. happy Christmas... So anyways Merry New Year to all ye who have landed on this blog....don't know why but i associate merry making with drinking..Santa Flaws would agree..No, we're not suggesting drinking all year through...

My daughter is afraid of Santa Claus though. True. Because of this she' has missed getting gifts a few times on get togethers where at the end of the programmes a man dressed as Santa Claus comes around and hands over some things to children...Her first introduction to Santa was when she was given a Santa Clause doll when she was around a year old. Bad toy character design i guess.

My mother also is not a big fan of  X-Mas greeting cards with Santa Claus related imagery. She prefers ones with the Nativity scenes. I hated distributing cards around our locality when i was a kid cause my mother dedicatedly sent out cards to almost the whole locality wherever we lived...

Enough of my anti-Claus message. It's 1.1.11 and just felt the need to post something on this date.
Merry New Year!!!


  1. Merry New Year - i'n ti ve leh th√°wr mai teh ang!

  2. Well, if you associate Merry making with drinks, then....'Happy new year to you and your family'! though you have purposely used the word 'Merry' while wishing those who have landed on your Blog! :)

  3. Santa Flaws chu bidi a va heh hmel ve. Merry New Year!! :-)

  4. NAGPUR lamah i pa an lo sawn ani tih i u blog atangin ka hre ve chiah !!

    Kumthar chibai le!

    Chhungkhatnu chuangm MERRY Krismas tih aduh lo, HAPPY Krismas tih tur a ti bur mai :-)