Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Hear

Long time no post.. In the recent past have been downloading some videos from YouTube.. which i want to show to my daughter when she's a little older..

Thing is.. lately she's been picking up a lot of not so great Bollywood songs... Source: School Van.. the driver plays them loud and clear.. naturally the kids sing along.. Dabang Dabang?  Chamkak Chalo? and other songs with awesome lyrics and heavily programmed music...

So hoping that one day seeing and hearing real talented musicians will help my daughter in developing a better taste.. .. Hear a couple of videos... mostly featuring female musicians in i hope it inspires my daughter more..

First up is Bat for Lashes... already have an album of hers from a couple of years back and here's a video of her performing live with a fellow musician... you don't want to miss this one..

Next up the really awesome  {without sarcasm} duo... Pomplamoose ...  multi-instrumentalists they are.. them sing and play..

Last but not the least.. Imogen Heap... she's solo here but i remember this song
from her Frou Frou album with Guy Sigsworth...and i prefer the album version..
Here in India if you do watch T.V. programmes and Star World in particular.. you'd have seen her performing with the now really fat Vishal Dadlani {of Pentagram fame} in a programme called the The Dewarists

Assuming Vishal Dadlani is real fat cause he's made it big in Bollywood as a music composer / producer.. If you know a little bit of the Indian English music scene you'll know who he is..or rather vocalist in the band Pentagram....

Since i've come to  Indian English music scene .. or whatever you want to call it.. do download Indiean  Vol. II .. it's free.. Click Here..
 i'd blogged about Vol. I last year but this year was asleep on release date..

Since i've also mentioned Bollywood i have to admit that i really enjoyed watching Shaitan. Hearing this woman -Suman Shridhar sing Khoya Khoya Chand led me to watching the film.. If  the late Amy Winehouse sang in Hindi i'd imagine she'd sound like this.. the song is actually a remix of an old Hindi classic... Hear it is..

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