Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mind your language

So i was walking home drunk the other day and i decided to take a different route to avoid known faces and i came across this sign board. Felt as if it had been put up just for me... okay well i wasn't drunk.. i never drink and walk.

Anyways this evening i took a snapshot of it.. so that i'll print it out and put it up on my own front door... only problem is that im the one who's waking up the neighbours at night with my loud singing + "music"...

few nights back a group of men from the mosque next door told me to shut the folk up..Yes i really do live wall to wall next to a mosque.

So after promising to keep my volume down i was in no mood to be a nuisance and get kicked out from my neighbourhood. Well the next best thing was to watch some new stuff i'd got from a friend recently.

Yes, the whole 1st season of  good old Mind Your Language. Enjoyed it a lot. Loads of laughs... one of my favourite bits..

Jeremy Browns [the English teacher] asks Max [the Greek student] a question..
"Explain to me.. what is the meaning of syntax?" 

to which Max answers not very confidently..
"The tax you pay when you go to the church[?]"

Definitely gonna get the whole series..seems it ended because "many people" found it racist... checking into some fan sites and comments on the imbd message boards.. majority of the people actually love[d] the series. Anyways folks ..i shall end with this lovely Bushism..
"We've got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood."
~ George W. Bush {Kranj, Slovenia, June 10, 2008} ~ 
ok just one more {D.C., June 27, 2006}.....
"We shouldn't fear a world that is more interacted."

Bushisms source: http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/blbushisms.htm


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  2. Haha. I rui tak tak emaw ka ti hman a; E heeee..kalo ti hman asin :-)

    Mosque thenawm chu van peihawm loh angrengve, bengchheng duhawm e mai. An bengchhen viau thin chuan, VAWKSA in vawm rawh :-P

  3. ^^ a zia ang reng.. nilengin pisa lamah ka awm bo a.. an zai[tawngtai] lai chu hre vak lo.. keimah hi ka bengchheng zoka bawk hrim2 a :D

    vawksa a vawm te chu a.. min that duh mai ang..he hee

  4. LOL@ syntax! Anih duh hmel eee hahah

  5. Syntax LOL Sintax chu nise a dik chiah dawn a nih kha... hahahhaha Zing karaha an kaitho ziah lo che maw i thenawm te chuan.... :-P

  6. Off topic: I just finished watching the Yes Men... and loved it. Thanks.
    I wonder if publishing similar Dream news (the New York Times incident.) back home would receive the same response... like Total Prohibition lifted, corrupt politicians arrested, etc.. would it bring the people closer? I wonder..

  7. ^^ you are welcome blackestred..
    yep.. if not actually a physical print of papers maybe a fake online news-page full of Dream news could be done...but nothing would beat a physical print to get the reactions..

    Got any relatives working in Vanglaini? :D


    Alejandro...ka mu tui thei hrim2a an 'ri'.. ka hre lo tlangpui..he hee


    Jerusha...yep episode 11/12 mi ni ta in ka hria.. LOL na tur dang tam lutuk :-).. get a hold of the series..