Monday, March 30, 2009

°F going wise and other-wise..

Still in the 9/11 atmosphere... I've not watched Fahrenheit 9/11  but will do so this evening..last night it was Bowling for Columbine. ...must get more Michael Moore stuff. Marilyn Manson also makes an  appearance in this documentary [Bowling for Columbine]....     

It would be nice if Webster Tarpley and Moore team up for some
  good documentary in  the future....and what else..  LOG.......yes LOG would be a good band to put up a soundtrack for the Tarpley/Moore project.  The men in LOG have put out a good load of songs on politics.  

Their latest offering in's been up for awhile
   ..[all the songs streaming in their myspace playlist...]  Got to get myself a copy soon....


  1. You havent watched F 9/11 till today??? I'm ashamed to call myself a friend of your brother! :D

  2. Yes very not uptodate on documentaries...but then again Fahrenheit 9/11...yes im ashamed..but then again i bet not many at least out here have not read Webster Tarpley's book..on 9/11...or maybe i'm wrong here again too :-) ... Ye dil mange more Michael Moore... [not him but his works..he hee]