Friday, November 12, 2010

Freely Legal

Just some free stuff that I've come across i'd like to share.

Words from the inspirational Seth Godin. Not a recent book but if you've not read it, it's just the right stuff you'd need to reinvent yourself. .. that is if you want to... Below are some extracts...

Do you remember learning to factor quadrilateral equations? x2 -32x +12? Why were you taught this? Why did they spend hours drilling you on such clearly useless content? Simple: you were being trained to be a compliant cog, someone who could mindlessly follow instructions as opposed to seeking out innovation and surprise....
Art isn’t a painting or even a poem, it’s something that any of us can do. If you interact with others, you have the platform to create something new—something that changes everything. I call that art....Art doesn’t follow instructions or a manual or a boss’s orders...


Okay now for some be precise....
Machine of Death - A collection of stories about people who know how they will die.
I havent read any of the stories in here...but judging from the dinosaur comic inspiration that started this book..i know it's got to be good....

Okay folks... i think i'll leave the rest of the stuff i'd like to share for a "Freely Legal - part II" post.. :-)
- enjoy -


  1. Hmmm... let me wait for the Freely Legal - part II post!

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