Monday, June 17, 2013

The Devil Knows My Name

Sometimes life makes decisions for you... i heard someone say.. on the TV. Don't remember which show it was.. but definitely was sitting on the Comedy Central channel. ..And i guess it's happening to me.. not much of the comedy part....but decisions.. or maybe the devil knows my name..

Rain finally down from the sky which has been great...not So great.. Black Sabbath's 2013 offering... 13. To be honest with Tony and co. .. am yet to give 13 a proper listen except for the God is Dead? track which has been out on the internets for awhile...

Brad Wilk' on drums in place of Bill Ward.. Sure is sad that Bill isn't playing.. It's kind of strange that Black Sabbath chose Brad Wilk (RATM / Audioslave) of all the drummers in the world..I'm thinking it's gotta to do with Brad's connection to the number 3 .. Cause this is what i found on his wiki..
Wilk has mentioned a weird connection to the number three throughout his life, and little "3"'s are plastered all over his drumkit, and as well as in the liner notes for Rage Against the Machine's third album, The Battle of Los Angeles. In an interview with Modern Drummer Wilk said "Ever since I was eight or nine I've gravitated to the number three. It's something that has always been a really heavy number for me. It's tattooed on my arm, and I count in threes. Everyone in school was taught two, four, six, eight, ten- I'd count in threes in the way I'd walk, even in the decisions I'd make. It was all based on threes," and also incorporates 3 into his playing.

Anyways.. if a trio of 60 year olds can still churn out heavy heavy.. i've got hope. Just need more fine tuning .. same goes for my calligraphy..

Flickr's had some tuning and they're offering 1 TB space for your photography .... my Flickr storage status...
You have used < 1% of your 1 TB
...lot more bytes free. So here's some new uploads of old photos..

clouds creeping in

in plane view

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