Monday, September 30, 2013

Destination Set to Nowhere

So i was gonna title this blog post Destination Anywhere but all the Italian food i was eating made me change it to Destination Set to Nowhere - also the name of a concept album by Italian band Vision Divine.

Spent the last Sunday of September riding pillion on a was a divine experience..
The day was supposed to involve a gang of friends but it was down to just two of us in the end. I'd even cancelled a request to preach at a church...don't know why our friends bailed out.. maybe it's the rising price of fuel?

A Long Ride...

A good long ride can clear your mind, restore your faith and use up a lot of fuel

We decided to ride anyway..not that i feel old but this quote.. 

Pick a Direction and Go

Young Riders Pick A Destination and Go...Old Riders Pick a Direction And Go

..pretty much sums up how we destination just a direction..Out of the city, on and on..straight road with no end and then Rajesh decided to go off the main road...

We were attacked by two wild apes... i believe they had shape shifting powers too..However, since it was a Sunday they decided not to eat us.. well as you can see not true but we went a little crazy in the forest..maybe it was the deafening silence..or us feeling right at home in the trees....Finally we made our way out of the grove.. and back to a road.... welcomed by a herd of cows...

BBC - Bullet + bulls + cows

Two Wheels Move The Soul

 Four wheels moved the body. Two wheels move the Soul.

Soul happy; but stomach was empty...We decided it was high time we lunched.... so after getting back onto the main highway.. we rode on in search of a decent dhaba...And find one we did!

BCC - Beer, Chicken & Cucumber

...and not disappointed with the drink..
of course we did not get drunk.

a little Blue & more of Bubbles

Truth be told we basically rode more than 60 kilometeres out of the city just to have lunch at this super dhaba....After the meal...we both agreed that our mission for the day was accomplished and decided to head back home....on the way we stopped for a while near a lake...

First come First Fish basis

We were lucky enough to catch some fishermen who'd just come in with their fresh catch...Out of the water..into the weighing balance..into our hands..Rajesh decided to take one home...

Out of Water Into Weighing

(Sorry for the colourless photos above.. just trying to make the photos artsy ...)

After the aquatic break, back on the road...came across this...
beyond a doubt..Transformers exist!

To all our friends who couldn't make it... hope you are present next time around..

The motorbike ride reminded me of childhood days..riding BMX cycles with friends..just enjoying the destination as such..even then, i remember we used to go for long rides down winding roads...

Anyone up for a cross country ride let me know...on Cycle..i'm ready to get the proper ride..
...right now it's pretty much city exploration with my Toxin FireFox..

In The Woods 

work to eat
eat to live

live to ride
ride to work

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed reading it abel..fantastic post and pics