Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year 2010

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

                       ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9


  1. Oh, tukin zing ka quite time-ah helai bung thla hi ka lo chhiar chiah!

    Kumthar Chibai le!

  2. what a bleak and inevitable and depressing start to a happy (sigh) new (?) year :(

  3. to be precise: history repeats itself

  4. Sekibuhchhuak - Kumthar Chibai! kum thar ni khan ka inkhawmna biakinah thusawitu in he chang base hian thu a sawi a...

    PeerGynt - depends on how you look [at it].. like ' is your bottle {of} half full or half empty... sorry bad analogy..

    aduhi - from the half empty view of things.. say Obama and change's sad but true.. history repeats itself..

  5. This isn't necessarily bad. Consistency is almost always a positive thing. When you are consistent, it shows how good you are (even if you are always late hahaha)
    Nothing new under the sun - simply reflects that no matter how advanced we are, human nature remains the same...I feel (but yesterday, today, tomorrow there is One who doesnt)

  6. :) How true is this! I find myself doing the same stooooooooooopid things I used to do...only now I'm aware! :( Woe is me!

  7. OpaHmar - "even if you are always late".. :D for a moment i had the feeling that you must have some psychic kind of powers.. :D this year i've been late to office 3 days in a row..

    but yes on a serious note..totally agree with your view..

    Becky - well at least [hopefully] this year you'll be able to to the same stoopid? things a little differently with a change :~)

  8. in an odd, way, i actually find this incredibly hopeful. one looks around and sees the killing, in the names of gods, rulers and 'the people'. one sees the planet being raped for greed. it is a bit of a relief that this is not 'new'. and if we have survived the old testament gods and kings, we will survive israel, palestine, sri lanka, america and ratan tata. humanity is no 'worse' now than we have ever been.

    nothing new under the sun? that's a relief!

  9. Technically speaking, the sun is not above us as we revolve around it... so we cannot be under the sun... If we take gravitational force into consideration, then being under the sun also implies that at night time on the other side of the world, the sun is below those people...


  10. feddabonn - a relief indeed :-)or should we say Known devils are better than the unknown/new ones.. he heee. and whats tickling me is that im actually getting "lots" of comments [per my blogs standards] for this short post.. bottlebroke style.. but even the above words werent even written by me :-) !!!!

    illusionaire- the words i've posted from Ecclesiastes.. usually credited to King Solomon.. i guess he didnt want to write very technically ... and just imagine if all our favourite bands started writing lyrics technically... ;~)