Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hello testing

Dear Blog,

... long time no post.... For anyone out there with limited guitar skills but trying really hard to compose with it.. try CHANGE.. from the standard tuning, switch to some open or drop tunings.. Below is a rough cut of a song i've composed using an Open D tuning...and recorded on my simple but useful Transcend mp3 player..

another reason why im posting this is to test out the above audio embedding's working.
me happy.

Good things happen to those who wait Vs Its too good to be True
... pretty much sums up where im in these days...

Until then...


  1. Good to see a new post...nice one...could not listen to it completely but sounded very melodious.

  2. like it! i've only experimented with an open E, i must say i might like the potential of the open D better, now i've heard it. good stuff, has a very interesting, slightly quirky feel. more where this came from?

  3. Wow! Van nalh ve!

    TESTING COMMENT-a ni e :-D

  4. ^^ yes the widget is pretty nice :D ..

    and yes to hear the complete song you'll just have to come to the next room with a guitar and request a live performance.. :~)..

    ..where i will need a guitar tuned to Open D which is very easy to play..and yes thank you for the kind quirky compliment :D ....

    Nalh don lom ni... testing chhin ha haaa...

  5. ohh. its beautiful! and i love the intro wery much. oh and what's the opposite of intro? cos i love that too. didst thou thunketh all this up yosel?

    haven't been looking in on the blogging world for a while and nearly missed it ye blind dayzed twit.

  6. ^^ yes thanks very much ... for liking the intro and the outro..but nothing inbetween :D ... well, at least theres something to like...
    yes... thunketh this all up meself ..