Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's Blog

Hmmmmm day2 on blogworld.. nothing to

blog is a photo i took sometime early last year....the church is St.James Church, better known as Jora Girja here in Kolkata....never got to find out what was going up in smoke..on the other side ..

I'm not much of a photographer but you can see some cool photos taken by a person called Indranil Ray....
HERE ..he is also a die hard fan of the Mohun Bagan football club... We came to know each other when i saved him from the hands of some East Bengal fans who were beating him up..i'm a black belt in karate, taekwondo and all forms of martial arts.. Okay this last bit is not true...

He is a colleague where i
work ..sorry Play!!!... FestoonMedia...

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  1. Nice photo and a great vantage point....

    Where did you take the photo from????

    Do have a look at my blog entry on Jora Girja