Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year 2thousandNine

Winners make The Days Count ! Loosers Count The Days !!
 ......i'd Ctrl+C'd from somewhere and Ctrl+V'd this line into my status message in start the new year...and i really did not notice the spelling mistake...or rather the wrong use of the word "loosers" for this particular sentence..which should be "Losers"... my brother noticed and i promptly corrected it!..

Related to this "loser" incident..this morning as i was reading i came across a post where 
Lemmy of MOTÖRHEAD talked about "saving" a female friend from getting a tattoo that read "Born to Loose"........:-)

Click here to go n read Blabbermouth ...Lemmy story..

So readers who are reading my first post here in "09..remember when to lose or to add the extra O...lose/loose in sentences.....really different meanings... 

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