Monday, January 12, 2009

Manchester United 3 - 0 Chelsea

No Monday morning blues courtesy The Red Devils beating Chelsea last night.. not that i'm prone to have "monday morning blues" .....

Manchester United 3 - 0 Chelsea........sweet victory... and were it not for the two goals from Ronaldo which he was denied, the first one a controversial corner...courtesy Rooney & Giggs which Ronaldo put in with a beautiful header and the second where he was called offside.. (replays indicate he was not) the score would and should have been ManUtd 5...and Chelsea ZERO..
All the RedDevils had a good day in office...was really happy to see Park Ji-Sung playing so well and was hoping Tevez would come in ....anyways Great Match...Liverpool watch out..Arsenal?..bye bye..

Talking of controversial / disputed free kicks..check THIS out...Youtube..

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  1. Hang on there, Arsenal will be making a come back soon. *GRIN*

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